Improvised Gun

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Blackbush family robbed of $1.7M

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At about 19: 00 hrs last night Tuesday April 22, 2014, Baijnauth Niwaz, 58 years, and his wife Kalawattie Niwaz were in their home at Yakusari North, Black Bush Polder, when two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm, entered through an open door.
They were held at gunpoint and the perpetrators took away a bag containing $1. 7M and escaped. The police found an improvised pistol at the scene, as the investigations continue.

Bartica teen accidentally shot

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At about 19:30 hrs last night Tuesday April 22, 2014, teenager Andy Fraser, of Sixth Avenue, Bartica, and a group of friends were at the Bartica beach when it is alleged that one of them took out a firearm and discharged a round which struck Fraser to his left foot. He has been admitted to the Bartica Hospital. Investigations are in progress.

A Galaxy of possibilities

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(by Joel R. Frank) – Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 is now available for pre order in Guyana via Samsung’s official reseller Starr Computers. When Galaxies first came into the Guyanese market via independent sellers they were an instant hit; they wer flashy, eye catching and most of all they were new. Needless to say BlackBerry sales might have dropped a notch or two.

Not a lot has changed since then, BlackBerry tried a comeback with the Z10 and Q10 smartphones, both pretty darned good phones in their own right. But then they made BBM cross platform…. right, well now BBM is available on Android… Samsung’s preferred OS. And to top things of the brand spanking new S5 is available locally.

The phone’s features are awesome, needless to say. So I thought I’d explore the features and then tell you how much I’d drool for it.

First the specs, directly off of Samsung’s official site:

HDR(Rich tone)

For brighter & vivid captures

For both photos and videos, turn on the HDR when there is a strong counterlight or when the subject is shaded.
Preview in real time natural light and color being reproduced vividly and clearly while you take your shot.

vivid captures


Fast Auto Focus

Don’t miss the action

Don’t hesitate to shoot and capture action as it’s happening! The faster Auto Focus helps you capture important moments of movement more quickly and in focus.

Fast Auto Focus

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